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    hi everybody i have had my frilly for 2 years now and he still frills and goes to bite everyone that goes into the viv or even near the viv (im supprised he asnt broke the glass of the viv for how hard he jumps into it lol) i have my hands in there everyday changing his water, cleaning the mess he made, misting and trying to pet him but it seems like the more i go into the viv to him the more he trys to attack me

    as anybody any idea's on what i could do to get him to become tame

    thank you in advance

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    First let's get a rundown of his viv. Sometimes if something is off in their environment it will make them go crazy.

    Viv Size:
    Basking Temp:
    Hot Side Ambient Temp:
    Cool Side Ambient Temp:
    Humidity Levels:
    UVB Brand/Kind:

    You can try covering the sides of the viv for a week or two and slowly remove a side after that and see if that calms him down. You can try hand feeding while wearing gloves or using tongs. You can put him in the tub with some water and keep a hand in there with him too. Putting yourself in a small room with him like a bathroom and letting him wander around and coming to you should also help with taming. Is he in a high traffic area of your home?

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    he is in my bedroom where only i and my girlfriend enter unless i am on vacation then my mother attempts 2 feed him and i av always fed him with my hands

    Viv Size: 5ft height / 3ft length / 2ft depth wooden sides and top glass at front
    Basking Temp: 100
    Hot Side Ambient Temp: 75
    Cool Side Ambient Temp: 65
    Humidity Levels: 60-63
    UVB Brand/Kind: wasnt always this but recently changed it to a arcadia 12%
    Substrate: calci sand on part of the viv and bark on the other
    Diet: hoppers / meal worms / fruit

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    Everything in your husbandry seems to be good. The UVB is great actually. Much better than what we get in the states to be honest. When you say hoppers do you mean grasshoppers/locusts or hopper mice? The calci sand you may want to remove and replace with playsand or even an organic soil (no chemicals) because calci-sand is linked to more bad things than good. How are you measuring the temps digital thermometer with a probe, infrared temp gun or another tool? Has he had a fecal exam done lately? Sometimes if they have parasites they will become a bit hostile too. Do you have any other animals in your room or is it just him?

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    only a dog wich he absolutly loves my dog can go near the viv and he dusnt do nothing but sit there lol but my dog is hardly in my room n its done by another tool a women who studies zoology comes my house and does it all 4 me makes sure everything is fine and i use the same setup as her but she got 2 tame her pets n no he aint had a fecal exam recently and what i mean by hoppers is grasshopers

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    I suggest that you try the methods I mentioned a couple of posts ago. He may just be a very stubborn frilled. Not all tame down that nicely. If his appetite isn't that good then try getting a fecal exam to see if it's parasites. Give him time and work with him daily. I would cover the front glass for a week only going in to feed and do necessary things and then after a week take the cover off and slowly approach him from below his body or at the same level and pick him up. Don't squeeze and just let him rest in your hand or on your arm. If he tries to get away just keep putting a hand in front of a hand so he goes nowhere. Eventually he will settle down and with enough of this he may tame down.

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    ok thank you very much i will try that :) i appreciate the help and il let you know how it goes after a few weeks/month :)

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    No problem. In the mean time feel free to share your experiences or tips that you may think others will find useful and enjoy the forum!

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